Our Practices

Clean Water

Clean Water

Water is the most essential nutrient for livestock production. It is important that Wagyu have access to continuously clean water to produce the highest marbling. Unclean water can reduce marbling by as much as 10-15%.

Our Ranch

Rotational Grazing

The practice of moving our herd every 2-3 days to a new pasture is called Managed Intensive Rotational Grazing. The benefits are healthier pastures and no need to fertilize, as well as more rapid recovery of the grass to full height. Cow manure and urine are natural fertilizers and that is all we use, just as nature intended.

Local Hay

Local Hay

Florida produces some of the most nutrient rich hay anywhere, due to the long growing season and abundant rainfall. The hay we feed has a Relative Feed Value of 99%, as good as it gets. To support our farming community, we buy all our hay from local farms.

Eliminate Stress

Eliminate Stress

Stress is the number one factor for lack of marbling in Wagyu cattle. We maintain a calm environment, and use no ATV’s, drones, or horses to chase our cattle, very similar to Japanese Wagyu growers. We believe the biggest difference is that our cattle are born and spend their whole life on the ranch. We will never ship a single animal to a feed lot.

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At our farm, husbandry stands as the cornerstone of our operations, ensuring the optimal well-being of our cattle. Our commitment to husbandry not only guarantees their health and happiness but also plays a vital role in maintaining the sustainability and productivity of our farm. We prioritize husbandry practices to secure the best quality products while respecting the environment, fostering a thriving ecosystem that supports both our livestock and the land.


The way nature intended it.

Nature created cows to eat grass, not a heavy starch grain diet. That is why cows have four stomachs, and are able to turn grass grown from the sun’s energy into delicious beef. A normal cow has a healthy pH7 balance in their system, but when fed a heavy grain diet their system drops to a highly acidic Ph balance leading to stomach fermentation that can make the animal sick and require antibiotics. Commercial feed lots have become experts at force feeding grains and antibiotic supplements to rush the animals to market with the highest possible weight, and in our opinion well below optimal health benefits and flavor.

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