Passion And Care


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We created 9 Line Farms to produce the healthiest and best tasting beef you can buy.

Wes and Laura Madden, along with their three boys Bo, Sam, and Max, have built this small business raising Fullblood Wagyu to produce meat that is the healthiest and most delicious you can buy and have delivered directly to your doorstep. Our farm, located in Bonifay, Florida is a lush 495 acre ecosystem of wildlife and fertile pastures, providing the optimal environment for the raising of our animals.

9 Line Farms was named from Wes’s prior service as a decorated Army Aeromedical Evacuation (MEDEVAC) Pilot. In combat, the “9 Line Medevac Request'' is the military equivalent of dialing 911 on the battlefield. Day or night, good weather or bad, regardless of the threat, if a call came in for help, Wes and his fellow MEDEVAC crew would launch their Black Hawk helicopter and be inbound.

In many ways, we believe our mission with 9 Line Farms is similar to Wes’s mission on the battlefield. Hard work, persistence, professionalism, and selflessness. The Madden’s have dedicated their lives and the raising of their three boys to the ethos of “service above self” and have committed to sharing the blessings from 9 Line Farms with your family.

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The Oregon Tale

Health and wellness have always been a part of Wes and Laura’s life.  Both athletes from grade school to the collegiate levels, they’ve long searched for healthy food sources to compliment their active lifestyles.  After living 16 years in Alaska where wild salmon, moose, and berries filled the freezer, moving to Florida in 2017 provided a new challenge: the absence of locally sourced quality food.  

Wes and Laura met their ranch mentors, Brian and Renee Bouma, in 2019 and experienced what could realistically be described as a life changing moment when they enjoyed their first Fullblood Wagyu steak from the Bouma’s ranch, 2 Sisters Ranch in Bend, Oregon. Shortly thereafter, 45 of the finest animals from the Bouma’s world class herd were relocated to the Madden’s farm in Bonifay, Florida and 9 Line Farms was born.


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