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1/2 Beef Share - DEPOSIT

1/2 Beef Share - DEPOSIT

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This Half Beef package is our most popular for families.  Experience the unparralleled luxury of approximately 220 lbs of fullblood wagyu excellence.  Each cut is flash frozen and vacuum selaed, perfect for stocking your freezer and elevating your culinary creations with the variety of cuts included.  No more running to the store every week.  You will have a variety of cuts at your fingertips to keep dinner time new and exciting!

Total price will be $20/lb.  Roughly $4,400 +/- depending on the size of the animal. Deposit will be credited towards final invoice.

Estimated List from a Half Beef:

10-12 Ribeyes
8-10 NY Strips
6-8 Filets 
6-8 Petite Sirloin
4-6 Denver Steaks
4-6 Flat Iron
6-8 Chuck Eye Steaks 
1 Skirt Steak
1-2 Steak Tips
1 Flank Steak
1 Picanha
1 Packer Brisket
1 Tri-Tip
4-6 Chuck Roasts
10-14 Short Ribs
8-10 Shank Steaks/Osso Bucco 
70-80 Ground Beef
10 Carnivore Blend
8 Hamburger Patties (4 per pack, 6oz patties)
8-10 Liver

Total Yield:  About 210-240# of flash frozen, vacuum sealed, farm raised 100% fullblood wagyu.

Freezer Space Needed:  6-8 cubic feet

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