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1/4 Beef Share - DEPOSIT

1/4 Beef Share - DEPOSIT

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Our Quarter Beef share is a standard cut side of beef, using our very own favorite cutting insturctions, with the contents equally divided to make two equal quarters.  This is a great way to have a variety of high-quality 100% fullblood wagyu cuts on hand for cooking and meal prep in a more cost effective way.

Total price will be $21/lb.  Roughly $2,250 +/- depending on the size of the animal. Deposit will be credited towards final invoice.

Estimated List from a Quarter Beef:

5-6 Ribeyes
4-5 NY Strips
3-4 Filets 
3-4 Petite Sirloin
2-3 Denver Steaks
2-3 Flat Iron
3-4 Chuck Eye Steaks 
1 Skirt Steak
1-2 Steak Tips
1 Flank Steak
1-2 Bavette
2-3 Chuck Roasts
5-7 Short Ribs
4-5 Shank Steaks/Osso Bucco 
35-40 Ground Beef
5 Carnivore Blend
4 Hamburger Patties (4 per pack, 6oz patties)
4-5 Liver

Total Yield:  About 100-120# of flash frozen, vacuum sealed, farm raised 100% fullblood wagyu.

Freezer Space Needed:  3-4 cubic feet

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